DHL Express Signs Agreement to Source Fuel for Sustainable Aviation from Neste

Thorsten Lange, Executive VP Renewable Aviation, Neste & Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group. Photo Credits: Deutsche Post DHL Group & Neste

The world’s largest package delivery company DHL Express has signed a joint venture agreement with Neste Energy providing access to sustainable aviation biofuel produced at the Neste Bio-Refinery in Finland. This partnership enables DHL to offer customers a solution that combines environmental friendliness, sustainability, and operational benefits. By utilizing Neste Aviation Fuel, DHL offers its customers a greener and more cost-efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

In addition to offering an envi犀利士 ronmentally friendly energy solution, this partnership will enable DHL Express to further reduce its carbon footprint. In the future, the Company intends to use Neste Aviation Fuel to power one of its aircrafts at its base in Stockholm, Sweden.

Neste Energy operates the first international biomass refinery in Finland with a capacity of 70,000 barrels per day (bpd) – making it the largest biorefinery in Europe. The facility uses woody agricultural residues and other forest products as raw materials to produce renewable jet fuel. The production cycle takes approximately eight months from the time of processing until the fuel can be delivered to the customer.

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“We are proud to have been selected by DHL to provide our customers with a sustainable aviation fuel,” said Thorsten Lange, Executive Vice President Renewable Aviation at Neste. “Our innovative approach to producing biofuels enables us to deliver high-quality aviation fuel while reducing emissions and costs.”

“Air transport plays a significant role in Europe’s economy today and we believe that using sustainable fuel sources is critical,” says Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group. “This partnership with Neste Energy allows us to be leaders in developing a reliable and sustainable fuel supply for airlines.”

As a leader in the logistics industry, DHL is committed to sourcing only those solutions that are environment friendly and contribute to global sustainability. DHL since long has supported companies in delivering cleaner and greener technologies across their operations.

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