Services Provided by TCS Express and Logistics – Brief Overview

TCS is no doubt the largest courier and logistic company in Pakistan. TCS services are covering all over Pakistan. With the passage of time, from its foundation in 1983 to 2020, this company has achieved many milestones. It has proven its name with its imagination, consistency, hard work, and broad vision.

This company has seen many ups and downs over these decades. But ultimately it is known as a trustworthy and largest courier company in Pakistan. It has broadened its network to about 220 countries in the world.


TCS Express provides many services for its customers. The list of services is even expanding with the passage of time. In this article, we will share information about all the services provided by TCS Courier Company.

Domestic Delivery:

domestic delivery

TCS has the largest domestic courier network within Pakistan. It has a broad network with more than 600 delivery vehicles that are tracked via satellite.

Domestic Express offers many services. Standard service provides courier delivery in the daytime (during office hours) within Pakistan. Domestic delivery also offers Red Box service that delivers different boxes that need extra care.

Its Economy service offers economical rates with reliability with 48-hour-plus key performance indicators (KPIs). Mehfooz service ensures safe delivery of boxes that need more protection. Its Speedy service ensures extra-fast courier delivery of urgent bookings (same-day delivery).

Time Choice service makes sure the delivery of valuable things at the selected time with extra protection. Its Sunday/Holiday service also delivers couriers on Sundays or holidays at the specified locations. By Hand service is meant to deliver fragile shipments with security and extra care.

Its Selling/Submission service is designed for students where they can buy and submit admission forms of major educational institutions from TCS Express Center. The fee Collection service of TCS Express provides the facility of fee collection for university students or job seekers.

Its Attestation service makes the attestation process easy for HEC, UAE, and MOFA. My Collect is also a domestic service that provides the facility to collect the shipments from the nearby TCS Express Center. My Return is another domestic service that makes it convenient for the shipper to pay return service charges at the origin.

Heavyweight Delivery:

Heavy Weight Delivery

TCS Courier Company provides a heavyweight delivery option which is dedicated for heavy shipments, either import or export. They provide support throughout the delivery process from getting the shipment ready all the way down to its monitoring and tracking.

This service is both for TCS Express and TCS Logistics. The express entity provides domestic delivery services for heavy packages with express delivery. Logistics entity provides heavyweight delivery service for LC, Home Movers, Trade EX, and OLE.

Warehousing and Distribution:

Warehousing and Distribution

TCS provides updated and state-of-the-art effective tools used in warehouse management as well as modern distribution models. TCS started this service in 2004 with specialization for setting up 3PL and it also provides customized services for 4PL and 7PL. So, this company has made an authentic name in Pakistan in providing comprehensive solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain.

Over a period of these years, Warehousing and Distribution service has engraved its footprints in the field of the supply chain. It has created a broad network of esteemed clients in many sectors including telecom, fast-moving consumer goods, Information Technology, Pharma, etc.

For this service, the courier company has managed to provide cost-effective and economical storage with warehouse equipment comprising an aggregate of over a million square feet area in different major cities of Pakistan.

TCS provides cloud-based warehousing and distribution facility. This makes the client organizations to modernize their processes of supply chain business.

Its specialized service of Warehousing includes transportation, distribution, re-packing of stocks, labeling, bar-coding, management of warranty and different projects as well as reverse logistics. To serve this specific purpose, they have joined HashMove and now have a separate online presence at for online booking and quotes.

Mail Management System:

Mail Management System

This TCS business provides the facility of all printing solutions. They receive the data from their clients and follow instructions to design and format that data. Then, they print the data and distribute in bulk. This digital printing facility is only available in a couple of cities in Pakistan (Karachi and Lahore).

TCS provides the largest and fastest printing facility in Pakistan that is capable of printing over 2 million impressions per day. This provides printing on both sides of the paper and thus reduces the cost. Both printing facilities in Karachi and Lahore are ISO certified.

TCS also provides bulk delivery option to the leading banks, eduction institutions, telecom and insurance companies with mail room management service. They provide printing service for cellular and utility bills, envelope stuffing, delivery of highly confidential documents and parcels.

Tracking Tools:

Tracking Tools

No need anymore to send tracking numbers to the receivers. With its Tracking Tools facility, TCS automatically sends tracking number and tracking webpage address to the receivers. E-Retail is a service that provides its customers the facility to get all updates about the shipment delivery.

With the help of TCS tracking API, the consigners can share the delivery status of shipments or parcels with the receivers anywhere within the service area of TCS, whether it be for TCS tracking Gujranwala or TCS tracking Lahore.

TCS Cargo:

TCS Cargo

As the name implies, this service provides road transportation heavyweight and large shipments. TCS Cargo service picks the large shipments from a specific TCS booking facility and delivers them to the customer-specified target place.

This service may be from one hub to another hub or it may be from the hub to the consignee’s door. They also deliver seasonal fruits in large quantities.

International Delivery:

International Delivery

No doubt, TCS is the reliably fast courier service in Pakistan that provides Internal Delivery to over 220 points around the globe both at the individual as well as business levels.

TCS International Express is a secure and efficient service, for which TCS has joined hands with leading international courier services to ensure quality, security, and reliability with the best economical rates at the same time.

This courier company is taking every possible step to entertain its customers with the most effective service within Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan. TCS International is offering both Export and Import services for documents and parcels to and from the designated destinations worldwide.

Other promotional services in this category include attestation and mango delivery services along with Student Express and Redbox.

Bulk Delivery:

Bulk Delivery

TCS not only provides the best delivery service for the individual package, shipments, or parcels, but it also caters very efficiently to the issue of bulk delivery within Pakistan. So, sending or receiving multiple packages via TCS is no more an issue now because TCS is there to solve this.

TCS Ecom Solutions service offers same-day delivery within the same city, as well as express, overland, second day and abroad services to whole Pakistan.

E-Com Solution:

E-Com Solution

This service deals to meet the eCommerce needs of TCS customers for their online business with the help of a specialized product named TCS Ecom Solutions. It makes the flow of goods fast from retailers to customers.

This service provides alerts through SMS and emails for updated tracking via TCS tracking ID as well as an online funds transfer and return facility.

Self-Service Centre:

Self Service Centre

TCS Self-Service Centres are designed to help consignors make any changes to existing orders as well as help them remind their consignees to pick their packages. This is a fully web-based shipping management system working through an e-retail portal.

This online system is more suitable because it does not depend on more paperwork or handwritten notes. Instead, it is a fully automated online system and the retailers can view, print, or fetch all the cash reports and billing details.

TCS Cool Control:

TCS Cool Control

Delivery of products to long-distance destinations is really a challenge for all courier companies, and it is even more challenging if the products are temperature sensitive. TCS Courier Company tackles this challenge very efficiently to deliver products that are temperature sensitive, all through their Cool Control service.

TCS ensures the peace of mind of their customers by providing them real-time tracking facility of their packages. This is a satellite-assisted tracking system that works well both on the web portal a必利勁 nd mobile app.

TCS Travel and Visa:

TCS Travel and Visa

TCS is the largest courier tracking company in Pakistan having its travel and visa division called Intiana. This service became functional in 2004. This division works with all domestic and international carriers and also provides insurance coverage for all business, religious, or recreational travels.

This service helps its customers thoroughly from choosing travel plans, deciding all-inclusive packages, processing their visas all the way to arrival and transportation needs.

Above, we have briefly discussed all the services that TCS Courier Company provides. If you need more details about these services, you can CLICK HERE to explore all the services on the official website of TCS.

You can track the delivery status of your shipments, couriers or parcels directly through our online TCS Tracking Tool

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